About Our Company

Coastal Learning Center -Monmouth, founded in 1974 in Lakewood, NJ, is an approved private day school serving special needs students ages 5-21. Coastal Learning Center provides a unique, nurturing, hands-on environment that develops a solid education and strengthens students’ personal growth. The program prepares them for return to public school and, ultimately, an independent, productive life after graduation. A variety of teaching styles; close student-teacher relationships; and open communication make us unique. Our self-contained classes, with a maximum of twelve students, allow staff members to get to know each student on a individual basis.

At CLC, our main focus is on education and personal growth. We create a secure and accepting environment built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. This encourages our students to embrace learning – about themselves, their peers and the professionals with whom they interact. Our students learn the importance of accepting differences in race, ethnicity, and culture. They learn to recognize and accept the individual situations of different people.

Graduation celebrates the transition to a new stage in life for our students. Each student who graduates is given the opportunity to walk with his or her local district. Students are formally honored for their achievements and growth while at Coastal Learning Center and move on to other endeavors carrying with them the core values they learned and lived.