Reading Center

CLC is pleased to announce their new Reading Center! Students who need extra help with reading are seen one-on-one or in small group situations, one to five times a week based on individual needs. Coastal Learning Center utilizes SRA’s Corrective Reading Program, focusing on decoding and comprehension. This program is successful with problem readers because it provides the careful integration, the practice and the management details that the problem reader needs to succeed. In addition to our SRA Corrective Reading Program, we utilize the Lexia Program, Edmark and Phonics for our lower grade students.

Intended for students in grades 4-12 who are reading one or more grade levels below grade placement, Corrective Reading may be implemented in general or special education classrooms with small groups of students or in a whole-class format. Corrective Reading is a highly structured, sequenced, and scripted program. Teachers follow a direct instruction model as they teach decoding skills focusing on word attack skills, group reading, and individual mastery. A comprehension strand includes instruction in thinking strategies and oral group exercises (Adams & Engelmann, 1996).

In one study, with 7th- and 8th-grade students in remedial reading classes, Campbell (1984), students received either Corrective Reading or regular high school English. Students in the Corrective Reading condition made gains of 2.2 grade levels on the Woodcock- Johnson Reading Mastery Test (Woodcock, 1998) after 6-9 months of instruction.


By making reading an instructional priority, CLC will produce confident, engaged, proficient readers who comprehend, read fluently, and love reading so that they will be successful in school, in the workplace, and in everyday life.